A personality rich in her dual Russian/Ukrainian culture, and from a family of Russian artists recognized in the 1950s, Alina’s music is fundamentally pop/rock, tinged with electro and sometimes orchestrations, more epic, testifying to her pronounced taste for movie music, which joins a glam visual universe, where an Alice in wonderland meets with an alternative Marie-Antoinette, in a disenchanted country.

Alina’s artistic beginnings set up in France where she arrived at the age of 4, and were marked by the dance and music school in Montreuil and Vincennes at 9, theater classes and studies in art history at the Sorbonne, Paris, later. Performing arts and singing are the heart of her childhood.

A real passion for Art, ancient architecture, and classical ballets, was born during her young years when her mother introduced her to the discovery of the most beautiful castles of Loire region in France and the Opera classics.

Fantasy culture, Victorian Era and its legends, romantic and magical literature, are all sources from which she draws her inspiration.

It was the meeting of drummer and sound engineer David Verbecq in 2003 that marked the foundation of her rock/metal band MARKIZE, and her debut as a full-fledged singer/songwriter/composer. In MARKIZE, Alina manages both the visual and musical artistic direction.

From this collaboration which will last 13 years, a demo, two albums and a single are born, in which Alina writes on the difficult stages of her life and the emotions generated.

Several international tours in legendary venues such as the Bataclan (Paris), the Zenith (St Etienne), or even the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (London), notably as the opening act for the artist Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) follow these works.

Various collaborations will mark these years within MARKIZE, in particular a striking duet with the artist RoBERT in 2010, who invites Alina to sing on “Le Prince Bleu” at the famous Olympia – Paris, a moment immortalized by the release of the DVD “Ange ou Démon”.

After MARKIZE’s “A Perfect Lie” tour at the end of 2015, Alina decided to put the band on standby to devote herself to her personal projects, much to the regret of the band’s loyal fan community for more than 10 years. But it was in 2020, in full confinement, and after years of maturing her musical come back, that “White Room” was born, recorded in her Home Studio in Nice, south of France, and mixed at Studio Replug: the solo project was born.

There followed a year rich in writing, composition and video shootings between Paris and the South of France.

A first music video of a very personal cover of Mylène Farmer, arranged with some members of MARKIZE, will be released on all digital platforms in September 2021, symbolizing the transition between her former band and her new life as an independent artist.

It was in April 2022 that WHITE ROOM, the first extract from her solo album in progress, was released and revealed part of Alina’s personal universe. The video, shot in a movie studio in Paris and in mountains in the South of France, in which every detail and element of decor is meticulously worked, illustrates her culture and her two original passions: singing and dancing. This first extract from the upcoming album appears as the mirror of her hypersensitive character, dreamy and curious about all forms of Art, which she uses to deliver her message. The welcome from the audience & professionals is already very encouraging and many radio stations have already adopted it!

The end of 2022 were also marked by a collaboration with director, Jeremy Condamine.

Alina wrote two songs, with her longtime musical partner Alain Da Silva, to match the multi award wining film « Oxala : Adventures on Mediteranean Sea », now released on Prime Video.

And the adventure has only just begun…