Alina Dunaevskaya

Author, composer and performer born in Moscow, Russia, Alina Dunaevskaya has been early interested  in various fields of art.

Following a line of artists who are part of Russian history and culture, Alina arrived in France at the age of 3 and entered the conservatory of classical dance and music theory at 9, in order to perform as a classical dancer.



Parallel to her studies at the Conservatory, she took acting classes and participated in several plays.

Then, Alina felt her need for music and joined a dance / singing / comedy  school (AID, Paris) to learn vocal technique and to perfect modern Jazz dance and comedy.

She will perform over the years of adolescence in a variety of classical ballets, jazz shows and operettas, as a dancer, actress and sometimes singer.

Passionate about fine arts, painting and ancient architecture, after high school graduation, Alina began studying Art history at the Sorbonne, but pushed by her singing teacher to embark on her first passion, the music, she decided to record some covers and her own compositions, on piano and vocals until 2003 when she founded the rock band Markize with David Verbecq (on drums).

She will end her studies at the Sorbonne to devote herself to her artistic activities: photos for corset designers, fashion catwalks and especially her band, Markize.




The demo “Poussières de vie” was released in 2004, followed by the album “Transparence” in 2007, receiving a warm welcome from the public and the press, and has been reissued, due to out of stock in 2009 in a digipack version with bonus tracks and videos, and officially released in Russia the same year.

“Transparence” is then placed in the best kind of album sales soon after its release!


After several tours in France and the Netherlands (over 150 concerts), Alina and Markize started an European tour in 2010 (which continues in 2011) along with Tarja Turunen (ex Nightwish) on the finest stages in Europe ( Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Netherlands, England, France (Zenith and Bataclan), Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Germany) while completing her highly awaited new album in studio.



While the new album was being mixed, the band was thinking about releasing their new music video, and the song chosen was “Mechanical Hearts“. An electro/rock catchy sound, that the band found perfect to illustrate their evolution.


Alina worked together with Any May, the movie director, on the writting of the script, and the meaning of the song. This video included for the first time choreography, live and acting sequences.

The video was released with the single in October 2012, one month before the official release of “A Perfect Lie” at Le Zèbre de Belleville in November.


The band offered a few shows in May and June 2013 to present the album live to the fans, than, Alina decided to take a break and devote herself to her personal music projects.

Since April 2013, Alina played international music standards with several Professional cover bands, and animated weddings, corporate events and Bat mitsvah over a year.

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She also occasionally participates in collaborative projects with other artists. She lent her voice to a passage of ethno-opera entitled “Besoin de vivre” from  the band Orhana, for “Equinoxe”, Jean-Michel Jarre cover by the band Ad Inferna, and more recently, Alina recorded her voice on a disco song by Shelby.

In March 2010, she was invited by the artist RoBERT, who flashed on her, to play a duet on the Russian version of “Le prince bleu” at the Olympia, duet immortalized in a DVD “Ange et Démon à l’Olympia”.

You can also find Alina’s voice in the game “Mystika 2” !


In January 2014, she collabored with the pianist/composer Alain Da Silva, on a special cover of the famous song “Eye of the tiger” (Survivor), which video was shot and directed by Cécile Delpoïo.

Meantime, Alina is working on her solo project and can’t wait to share with you her new stuff ! Eye of the tiger artwork